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Regarding career options many people have a bias thought about it, people have a strong connection towards the science stream as it will lead you to the path of success. There is a stream called humanities which has the basic core of social science is still ignored. It is being said that students those who underperform in their academics have no other option left other than taking arts or social science. Social science is basically a collective combination of history, geography and civics. If you get through the contents of this subject, it is actually huge and can lead you wide open door towards many career options in future.


When you had your schooling days i.e. from two we have been given the addition of subject called social science other than the English, second language, science, and mathematics. when the social science was included it had added three subjects in it – history, geography and the civics. these all subjects were interesting and scoring at the same time. Social science leads to various career options. History tells you the pride past of India and the world, the rich Indian civilization, the world war, the age-old civilizations. The geography leads you to the topography and the science behind the origin of the earth and the universe followed by civics which lead you by the constitution and the laws grounded in the country.


After knowing about the extremely good scores in boards people have a phototrophic movement toward the science stream be a doctor, engineer or else paramedical, scientist or the geek maths professor other option associated either it. No wonder the rate of choosing social science in future studies has always been below average. People have a stagnant thought of the social science that students those who are poor in maths or are average in studies were supposed to opt for it. There is no such great option in future. However, the big reality check is maximum of the career options are in social science . as the social science has the inclusion of history which leads to the way of an archaeologist, one of the top paid profession. apart from this, the civic lead you the way to various administrative section – the IPS, IAS, SP – all these big professions do have a weighted priority of having civics in academics. The lawyer option is also available if you have a keen interest in civics. The geography base leads you to the path of research and gives the opportunity of being a geologist.

To conclude, ignoring or giving bias thoughts about social science is actually not justified. As far as the career options are counted it is for sure that the number will be many in case of the social science. At the end of the day, it is all about preferences if you like social science you can do many good things or can end up in getting a highest paid job. Follow your preferences instead of what people say, ultimately you have to make your career.